The  future  is . . .  NOW!        
Bennett Jones, founder of LYDIAN Enterprises, was born into a farm family in NC during
the Summer of 1959.  He developed an  interest in Architecture as a youngster, and began
a lifetime of sketching home designs, which only increased after taking  a drafting class in
High School.  A trip to the doctors' office as a teen started his awareness of the
relationship between diet and health.  While attending the University of North Carolina at
Greensboro as an Art major, a physics elective began his path toward a future in
renewable energy (and for the first time introduced him to the effects of diet on politics,
economics, and the environment). A short stint in the family restaurant ( while attending a
program in Electronic Engineering), was followed by a brief career as a Wilderness
Instructor. This experience in group living was to be a key in the community development
ideas to follow.  A trip South after that contract was completed, resulted in a marriage to
Yvette, and  began a 17 year period of living aboard  sailboats. The boats were to become
Bennett's test beds for integrated systems designs (taking independent living concepts to
the extreme ). There was a brief period of  teaching special Ed in the FL school system,
then several years in the custom canvas business. Along the way there were programs in
Education, Counseling, and  Air Conditioning / Refrigeration, and more jobs than can be
listed in this space. The coupled finally decided to make plans for a family and enrolled in
a Nursing Program, both going on to become RN's. During his 5 years working in a
Physical Rehab Center he and Yvette were blessed with the birth of their daughter Lydia.
The family went traveling again when Lydia was three. Her growing interest in dinosaurs,
Yvette's  desire to see "the West", and Bennett's plans to create an Eco-village of the
future, led the family to sell the boat, buy an RV, and do some land cruising. While on a
contract in El Paso , TX they took a week-end trip to Alpine to attend the annual Rock and
Mineral Show. All three family members were immediately committed to living in the Big
Bend area. It took another year to do the background research ( while living in NV and WY)
to make sure Alpine was the right place. The family returned to the Midland/Odessa area
where Yvette began her Critical Care training and Bennett began the process of building
their current home....

We are a family owned business that has set the goal:          
to bring affordable, energy efficient, renewable energy, and    
 green building products and services to our neighbors in        
  the Big Bend.                                                                           

We have chosen to live in the beautiful desert mountain        
area of West Texas, where we are building a Hybrid Solar      
      home, and will showcase and demonstrate energy             
                 efficient design and equipment at:                            
                 1304 N. 5th St.,
Alpine  TX 79830                            
by appointment only                                                 
                       call   Bennett Jones at  
(432) 837-3008
About Us
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As local representatives for
Green Mountain Energy,
we can quote you rates for
clean renewable energy for
your home and business,
100% Windpower
through the grid.
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