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LYDIAN Homes are designed with a pantry area, which is easily accessible
from the service entrance.

The most cost effective upright refrigerator we can find is the Danish made
Vestfrost                   1200 series. It is rated for commercial use and features
an award winning design. There are other units more efficient, but cost
about twice the price of the Conserv. We calculate the addition cost
difference is more than the cost of the extra PV needed to run the CFR
1200. We also think the CFR 1200 has a much more usable design. This is
what we recommend for our grid-connected neighbors.
We recommend chest type refrigerators and freezers,  for those who have
the space. For off-grid homes, we think 12 or 24 Volt DC powered units are
the way to go, to prevent power loss from inverters on standby.
One of the advantages of a Vegan diet (100% vegetarian), is the ability to
store food safely without mechanical refrigeration.
We recommend every family store enough dried beans and grains in their
home to last  a minimum of 6-12 months, as a precaution against natural
disasters or other emergencies (such as a job loss).