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Wonderful vegan dishes can be prepared before going out in the morning,
and once slow cooked in your solar oven, will be waiting for you hot ready
to eat at meal time.
A good source of information about building a Solar oven for yourself can
be found at
The Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven gives you a backup system for days
when the clouds may interfere with you mealtime plans.
We have a                                     at our Alpine location and plan some on-site
demonstrations.       Contact us for details and try our Sun Oven.
Global Sun Oven
We have found the most energy efficient way to cook
with electricity on a cook top, is to use an                   
cooking system and                       cookware. With this
portable cook top, you can use technology that cost
thousands of dollars in (a fixed stove) at a fraction of
the price. We are now using it in the RV, and have
designed our Home Kitchen for the counter top  
induction units. If you are in the Alpine area, contact us
about coming over to see how the system works, or
borrow a pot to try on your stove at home.