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We need to make our world a green world. What is a green world?
When we say green we mean environmentally friendly.  You can
help by using Solar energy, and buying Organic foods.                     
                                                                                    -  LNJ  age
To learn more read:
A Green World ?
by Nicola Baird
Alternate Energy Sources
by Jane Werner Watson
Wind Powered Generators
The author
Available at the Alpine Public Library
The author
displaying the first
product offered by
LYDIAN Vehicles
Solar Energy is when we use the Sun
for power. For example, cars can be
powered by Solar energy. Solar panels
are used to collect that energy.
You can help our environment
by recycling. Recycling is to
make new things out of old
things. Go to your nearest
recycling center  to recycle.
Wind Power is another way
we can help the environment.
Wind Power can be used to
power your house.
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