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At our Alpine site, we will be setting up a demonstration garden next
year. We plan to host a series of workshops related to               (that
is plant and mineral based organic) techniques. We will be supporting
the development of local Community Supported Agriculture (         ),
and Farmers Markets.  Contact us for details.
the  foods  of  the  future . . .  NOW!
Food (our personal fuel) is the most important energy we "consume".
Just as our cars run better with clean high quality fuel, our bodies
function better with foods high in nutrients and free of toxins.
The amazing thing is... plants do this all by themselves. Growing
food is really about building healthy soil, and selecting the  plants to
put in our prepared plots that will provide us with the most nutrients.
We design "LYDIAN Homes" to be part of an integrated system of
energy and resource collection, processing, and storage. This
includes food. That is why our house designs always incorporate a
lean-to Solar greenhouse on the South side, and a courtyard
appropriate for container gardening. Both features are only a few
paces from the kitchen.
Plants are capable of using energy collected by the sun, to combine
carbon from the atmosphere with water and minerals from the soil.
So, you can consider the human body to be Solar powered!
Rainwater harvesting is very important in  developing your site. White
painted galvalume metal roofs offer the most cost effective way to
use your roof as a collection surface. Also consider
Rain Gardens to
control run-off and replenish ground water.