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The  foods  of  the  future . . .  NOW!
We have found a plant based diet provides for optimal health at minimal
cost, with the least harmful impact on the environment.
A Vegan (vee gun) diet also allows most people to produce there own food,
as another step toward energy independence.
We also encourage the use of Raw and Sprouted foods in your diet.
Our Home designs include an attached lean-to Solar kitchen greenhouse
and an adjacent courtyard suitable for a Kitchen Garden.
Veganic Gardening is an organic method using only natural plant and
mineral based soil conditioners.
No-till is a technique used to build the soil and reduce the amount of
energy used to produce food.
Our LYDIAN Homes are equipped with Danish made Vestfrost Conserv 375
refrigerators. We make recommendations to our off grid neighbors based
on their individual needs.
Our LYDIAN Homes are equipped with induction cook tops and convection
ovens. We recommend Solar Ovens to both our on and off-grid neighbors.
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